Security & Financial Ratings

Why is Lloyd's rated as a market?

All Lloyd's syndicates and policyholders benefit from Lloyd's central resources and the Central Fund. The Central Fund is available at the discretion of the Council of Lloyd's to meet any valid claim that cannot be met by the resources of any member or syndicate and all Lloyd's policies are ultimately backed by this common security.  The fund is financed by (among other things) contributions from Lloyd’s members and is administered by the Council, primarily as a fund for the protection of policyholders.

Lloyd's of London - Ratings

Lloyd’s is part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, just like any other UK insurer.

Further details of the financial ratings, which act as testimony to the security of placing business into Lloyd’s, can be found in the links below.  These relate to the specific ratings granted from the most relevant rating organisations:

The Company only transacts business received from intermediaries which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority who act on behalf of the Policyholder.

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