Service Standards

Guideline to RAM Service Standards

All below standards show the maximum time allowance for each stage unless requested differently from the intermediary:

  1. Quotations: 10 working days upon receipt of quotation request including:
    • Membership Data: including date of birth, gender, salary, multiple, benefit, job title and work location for each member.
    • Scheme History: including sum assured, claims, rates and premiums (where possible) for the previous 5 years +.
    • Details of any previous medical underwriting.
    • All other information relevant to the scheme.
  2. Re-Quotes: (adjustments to original quotations e.g. benefit basis): 3 working days. This can be completed more urgently in some circumstances upon request.
  3. Policy Documents: Issued within 28 days of inception or upon receipt of the Proposal Form and premium/deposit premium if later than date of inception.
  4. Statements of Accounts: These will be issued within 10 working days of receiving correct and appropriate membership data
  5. Claims: Payment is made by electronic transfer to the Policyholder (Trustees) on the death of a member within 5 working days upon receipt of:
    • A completed claim form signed by an authorised signatory on behalf of the Policyholder (the Trustees of the Scheme).
    • The member’s original Death Certificate or the original Coroner’s Certificate.
    • Proof of salary (where necessary).
    • Any additional information deemed necessary by us.
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