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'One and Only' Medical Underwriting

Members who require Medical Underwriting will be underwritten just once. When acceptance terms have been offered, future benefits can change in line with the policyholder’s general salary increases - with no further underwriting requirements.

This simplified underwriting method removes the hassle of future underwriting requirements - saving time, cost and administration for all parties involved. Members who are allocated a higher benefit level due to a rise in general salary are able to enjoy the increase without worrying about further medicals.

Catastrophic Event Limits

UNLIMITED Catastrophe Cover throughout the UK with the exception of risks based in various central London locations.

A Catastrophic Event Limit can restrict the claim value that Trustees would expect to receive per member following such an occurrence. This often leaves the Trustees disadvantaged as they are left responsible for the uninsured loss following a catastrophe. In all areas of the UK, apart from just 6 Postal areas in central London, RAM does not impose such limits, which means that following a catastrophic event, Trustees will be provided with a full lump sum equalling the total sum assured of the deceased members.

Where Catastrophe Cover is available, arranging cover is simplified by our generous approach. There is no longer the need to spread the risk across several Insurers to achieve the level of protection required by many larger clients.

Postal areas E1, SE16, WC1, WC2, W1 and SW1 benefit from an unlimited Catastrophic Event Limit however schemes based in these areas will be assessed individually to ensure our substantial capacity in these areas is not exceeded.

Postal areas EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E14 and SE1 have a Catastrophic Event Limit of up to £50 million per risk.


‘Whitewashing’ is now available on request and will be assessed on a case by case basis. All scheme members who have their previous medical loadings waived by us will be included up to the Free Cover Level at ordinary rates.

Consequently, where RAM’s Free Cover Level is higher than that of the previous insurer, these members are automatically included up to the Free Cover Level at ordinary rates without the need for medical underwriting.

Improved Free Cover Levels – up to £1,750,000

Rather than using a formula, Free Cover Levels are based on the number of lives in a scheme. Our improved Free Cover Levels are:

Number of Lives Free Cover Level
(Sum Assured)
500 and above£1,750,000

By providing high Free Cover Levels for such a small number of lives, cover can be provided for smaller clients with higher individual benefit amounts, before the need for medical underwriting, without having to sign up to any small schemes deals.

For larger arrangements, the high Free Cover Levels mean the high earners needn’t be inconvenienced by the medical underwriting process and the administration is greatly reduced as far less information needs to be requested from clients.

These Free Cover levels can, on a case by case basis, be improved if certain criteria is met. Please feel free to contact the individual who supplied you with your quotation, should you feel an increase is necessary.

Redundancy Cover

Redundancy cover continues to be offered for a period of 12 months within our standard policy conditions with no additional charge.

In the unfortunate situation of redundancy the 12 month Redundancy Extension ensures any scheme member can continue to be covered for the existing benefit level whilst seeking new employment. This facility remains in place at no extra cost.

No Premium Frequency Loadings

There are currently no charges for monthly, quarterly or half yearly premium frequencies.

RAM has removed charges for multiple premium payments. Our aim is to help Policyholders spread the cost of their Group Risk Scheme over twelve, four or two payments per annum, without the charge needed to cover the additional administration involved.

Cover Beyond age 65

With a rising number of people working beyond the Scheme Cease Age, RAM has adopted an accommodating approach and is happy to cover members of a scheme up to 75 years of age.

Members aged up to 70, who require cover beyond the Scheme Cease Age, can be included within the unit rate subject to Actively At Work requirements without the need for any additional medical underwriting.

Where scheme eligibility parameters allow, members who are 70 and over who wish to be covered up to age 75, will be included, however individual underwriting conditions and Single Premium Costing may apply.

Cover to State Pension Age

RAM is happy to cover members until they reach their Scheme Cease Age (SCA) or State Pension Age (SPA), whichever is the higher, with no additional cost. No Actively At Work conditions apply to members requiring cover past their SCA to their SPA.

Uncapped Commission

We do not have an Intermediary Commission Cap and are happy to pay whatever level of commission is requested. This is particularly useful to Intermediaries as they can maintain their levels of commission based income where they would expect to be disadvantaged due to reduced rates across the market. (On schemes where our minimum premium of £1000 applies, we cap commission at 20%)

Extended Temporary Absence

Extended Temporary Absence is now included at no extra cost within our unit rates and continues to Normal Retirement Age for Illness or Injury or three consecutive years for any other cause, unless different terms are requested in quotation specifications.

For further information on the above enhancements,
please call a member of our team on 0370 7200 780 or refer to our Technical Centre

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