My Healthy Advantage

Our health and wellbeing app provides proactive wellbeing tools and engaging features to enhance our existing services. Each feature has been carefully built with the user’s wellbeing in mind. Designed to improve the mental and physical health of the users by using personal metrics to set bespoke goals and achievements.

Maintain a happy mind and healthy body with the app's industry-leading features across wellness and user wellbeing. These features include:

  • Interactive weekly mood tracker: Users can track and review their moods on a weekly basis in relation to their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.
  • Four week plans: Begin a four week health journey to quit smoking, lose weight or cope with pressure. Users can reflect on their progress and input diary entries at the end of each week.
  • Mini health checks: Users can check in and review a key area of their health and wellness, covering topics such as height & weight, sleep and mental health to provide actionable insights and tips.
  • Wellbeing videos: A range of wellbeing videos and webinars on the go, providing topical information and self-help guidance to proactively support and educate.
  • Learning and development: A comprehensive range of articles and learning materials to empower employees across various health and wellbeing categories.
  • Personalised newsfeed: Employees can personalise their newsfeed by selecting topics of interest, so they can view the exclusive articles and webinar videos most relevant to them.
  • Support and signposting: Live chat, phone, convenient call back request or email—direct contact with Health Assured to drive engagement and provide ease of access to our services.
  • BrightTV – powered by Health Assured: A monthly series featuring well-known personalities talking about their personal experiences with mental health. The personalities include Dame Kelly Holmes, Ruby Wax OBE, Andy Reid MBE, Sally Gunnell OBE, Gemma Oaten and Clarke and Carrie Carlisle to name just a few.

Clients who are insured with RAM will require an employer code when registering for the app.

Please email for the code.